The History of StackTach

StackTach started as a tool for debugging OpenStack Nova deployments. Before we started on StackTach.v3 (a complete rewrite), we had plans to integrate with Ceilometer. This presentation from the Hong Kong summit gives a good overview of how StackTach has evolved over the years. It also gives great detail on the usage verification process as well as some of the key architectural concepts behind version 3.

The StackTach.v3 Components

An early screencast of the components of StackTach.v3 ... some things have changed since. Oahu has now been replaced with Winchester and all the repos have been moved to StackForge.

The StackTach.v3 Sandbox

An early screencast of the StackTach.v3 Sandbox. Shows how to launch the sandbox for local dev and how to navigate the various components. This video was done before packaging was added and before Winchester support was added. The Oahu config file is no longer required as we now use Winchester.

The Notigen Event Simulator

In order to play with StackTach.v3 you need a good source of notifications. To make this easier we don't want to require you stand up a full OpenStack environment. Instead, we use Notigen to simulate Nova-like notifications and publish these to RabbitMQ. This video explains how this works.

The REST API - Quincy and Quince

How we separate the REST API from the implementation within StackTach.v3. If you decide you want to implement your own steam engine, but stay compatible with the StackTach.v3 API, these libraries make it easy to do so.

Klugman - client library/cmdline tool

An early video of the Klugman cmdline tool and client library. A newer video is required to reflect the most recent changes, but this will get you started.

Monasca and StackTach.v3 Integration

Our joint-presentation with the Monasca team at the Paris OpenStack summit.

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