Real-Time Event Stream Processing

StackTach.v3 processes complex JSON streams at scale.

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Queue consumption and pipeline processing workers can be easily added to handle large loads.


StackTach.v3 is comprised of a set of small Python libraries. You can deploy as is, or embed it into your existing monitoring solution.

REST API and cmdline tools

StackTach.v3 includes a REST API and rich cmdline tools for inspecting and managing streams.


When used as a basis for usage and billing, it's critical that events are not lost and that processing is not duplicated.

Flexible Archiving

StackTach.v3 distills large JSON notifications down into smaller, manageable events and off-loads the original notification for long term storage. Swift and HDFS are currently supported.

Simple deployment

StackTach.v3 requires a simple MySQL backend, which has known scaling characteristics. Ansible and Vagrant scripts are included for getting started.